Do you suspect that more powerful skills will help you drive greater professional results but you aren’t quite sure how to improve?

Discover how I can help you develop more precision, clarity, authority and delight in business or creative scenarios.

One-on-One Coaching for Writers

As a writer I provide one-on-one coaching for people who would like to improve their ability to express themselves in written form and I love the thrill of achievement my clients experience. I’ve also developed a strong set of skills around creating a life that is filled with surprise and delight for myself, and I can help you do that as well.

My coaching programs are designed to help stop spinning and start gliding into the capability and grace you want to experience — one step at a time. As a highly independent person myself I understand how important it is for you to come to your own conclusions about what you need and my coaching is focused on facilitating you to what you desire, rather than telling you what to do.



For details on any of my coaching programs, please feel free to email me at or call me directly at 01-905-469-1892.

I’m also on Skype at SusanCrossman. And I’m standing by to help make life easier.


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Client Comments:


“I started working with Susan at a time in my life when there was much upheaval.  I was going through a difficult divorce having to cope with a husband who is an alcoholic, abusive and a bully.  Susan assisted me with my goals and perceptions of the situation during this period.  She was a god send and came at just the right time in my life when I needed her the most, coaching me through the roughest time in my life.  I have one more hurdle to go through and will be utilizing her services again at that time and will definitely use her services in the future.”

Caren Auchincloss, Yoga Instructor


“Susan has an amazing ability to make you feel instantly comfortable. Not only was she instrumental in helping me move forward with my goals, Susan helped me realize why my “blockage” to moving forward was there.

After attending only two Coaching sessions I was able to focus on what was really important in my life.  I will be continuing on my journey and would not dream of moving forward without Susan’s brilliant  guidance.”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

T. Grant, Business Owner