Awakening Author Program


There are many reasons why people get stalled on their book-writing journey. Some folks feel they don’t have enough time to get their book written and others don’t have quite enough confidence. Still other people simply aren’t sure how to go about writing a book to begin with.

Let me smooth the way for you. 



Editing Appetizer


Sometimes people need to get their book written, but they are so busy with the whirlwind of work and life that it just doesn’t happen. Allow me to make this project much more manageable!



Mentor program with Susan Crossman


How can I support your writing career?

Think of mentoring with me as an opportunity to soak up the practical tools, tips, ideas and feedback you need to shape a writing career that allows you to follow your dreams while supporting yourself financially.



One-On-One Book Coaching


So you want to write a book and it’s just not happening. You need to get traction NOW so you can:

  • Build your Business
  • Share your message and
  • Cross “Write a Book” off your bucket list

Procrastination is no longer an option!