Passages to Epiphany

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Journeys of Discovery and Delight

by Susan Crossman


Goal of the Book:


To create a book of short stories and creative non-fiction pieces about the many aspects of “Awakening.”


Synopsis of Passages to Epiphany


The book is a collection of short stories and creative non-fiction pieces that looks at the subject of awakenings. I’ve long been intrigued by that little moment where understanding dawns in our minds and hearts and we suddenly come to see a situation, or even our entire lives, in a new and different light. This book is focused around those moments in both fictional and non-fictional scenarios.

I put together this collection of stories as an exploration of spirit and discovery and it’s been an interesting journey to say the least. I’ve included short fictional stories about people I’ve never met with personal accounts of the path I myself have tread over the past few years. I’ve thrown in a couple of travel pieces that relate to some of the real-world journeys of the spirit I’ve taken and, voilà, Passages to Epiphany. I’ve noted at the beginning of each story whether it’s a real-life or fictional piece.

The new stories vary in length and topic matter – the heroines of my short stories are all very unique and the non-fiction pieces are all about moments in my life that have been particularly affecting. I like a book that makes me think, feel and wonder at the world around me and I hope that’s something I deliver to readers as well.




“Susan Crossman shares personal true-life inspiring and enlightening experiences of epiphany – that moment of absolute clarity, realization and understanding. Also included are a few fictional stories by Crossman that also carry messages of epiphany. A very insightful and enlightening book that will help readers gain a better appreciation and understanding of themselves and the world around them. An absolutely superb read ? highly recommended.” – Michael B Davie, author, Winning Ways


“Susan Crossman has that innate ability to communicate far beyond words on paper… The beauty of epiphanies is that the old perspective can never hold the same power, because our minds have been shown a more resonant way of seeing our lives. Epiphanies are a glorious form of delicious relief from the chains of the past… By allowing that greater truth to permeate the core of our cells, it displaces our old tired perspective and in an instant, we are freed from our ancestry, identities and unseen veils. I felt that newly found freedom was handed to me over and over again as I turned the pages of Susan’s book. I’m in awe of her innate ability to bring readers to the brink of pure potential, and then walk us right through the door…” – From the Foreword by Jennifer Hough, author, Awakenings


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Passages to Epiphany, Paperback

Passages to Epiphany, Paperback.

Passages to Epiphany, Autographed Paperback

Passages to Epiphany, Autographed Paperback