Is your manuscript fading to dust in a drawer somewhere and it’s making you feel as though you’re letting an important friendship slip away? 

Maybe it’s time to hire an editor.

Allow me to make this project much more manageable!

Sometimes people need to get their book written, but they are so busy with the whirlwind of work and life that it just doesn’t happen.

Susan Crossman is an expert editor in Toronto

Good editing can provide the sparkle a manuscript sometimes needs to take it from solid or so-so to spectacular — and you will benefit from me as your editor if you want the clarity that comes from:

  • Grammatical accuracy
  • Structural integrity and logical order
  • Smooth transitions between words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters
  • A great story overall
  • Language that engages an audience

And if you want input around themes and metaphors, character and setting, presuppositions, audience engagement, storytelling and keyword inclusion, then please just ask!



Creative and Non-fiction Editor


I’m experienced with editing both creative and non-fiction work and have worked on everything from short one-paragraph biographies to full-length books. As a career writer, I’ve been on the writer’s side of the editing equation many times so I know it isn’t always easy to have your masterpiece placed under someone else’s microscope. As a result, I focus on constructively helping you craft a manuscript that’s a point of pride…and I make it an enjoyable experience.

Here’s the thing: I believe we are each on our own writing continuum and my task as your editor is to honor where you are in your evolution as a writer. We work together to protect your voice and burnish your manuscript in a completely non-judgemental circle of support.

To start a conversation about how I might be of assistance to you in your quest for publication, please fill out my project development questionnaire!




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Client Comments:

“If you’re considering working with Susan, I’d absolutely recommend her. She’s been a pleasure to work with, for one, and the level of detail, attention and care she’s giving my work is astounding. I actually have a background in writing and editing, having studied it formally at university and informally through extensive reading and research– I can tell you, she’s on top of her game and, if you really open to her comments and feedback, she’ll make your work some of the best it could ever be. … I’m currently working on her recommended revisions and I’m so grateful to have had her on my side– to have her on my side still– as I work through this process.”

Jenny McKaig, President and Creative Director at CreativeWell 


“Working with Susan was a delightful experience. She was able to capture my personality and style of writing and produce a highly professional editing job. I have great confidence in recommending Susan’s services.”

Heidi Cowie, President, Stresschat Inc.


“I was looking for an editor of my manuscript. We had a lovely discussion and I liked your encouragement and straight-forward manner of discussion things. It was my first time writing a manuscript and I had limited structure. Most of the details of the book were still in my head and you drew them out and of course, you cleaned up the mechanics of my language. I had taken the book as far as I could on my own. I was stuck. I had an idea. You turned it into a reality that I am proud to share.” 

Vince Fernandez, Author of Little Sister