How Do You Create a Website for a Business That is Tough to Define?

How Do You Create a Website for a Business That is Tough to Define?

When my team and I began planning our new website, we faced an issue that a number of other businesses sometimes encounter: we had two distinct business offers for two different target audiences. On the one hand, we provide content marketing programs for successful businesses that have grown to the point where they need significantly more marketing assistance, but they aren’t yet able to set up an in-house marketing department. On the other hand, I personally provide book coaching and editing services to visionary entrepreneurs who know they are on the planet to make a difference.

Best-Selling North American Author
Not only that, but as a traditionally-published North American author with four books to my credit, and at least two more in the works, I felt it was long past time to become more assertive in my own book marketing efforts. I’m really proud of my writing successes, and up to now my website has done a poor job of showcasing my own writing.

So, what were we supposed to do with all of that?

The solution for us came in the form of one landing page for Crossman Communications and three micro-sites for our three separate business interests. Our web developer, Trevor Stooke of Agenda Marketing, created a terrific introductory page for the three sites and made it easy for people to navigate from one micro site to another. I can’t say enough kind words about Trevor and the team at Agenda, by the way. They stayed true to our vision every step of the way, and provided a level of commitment to this massive project that went way beyond the call of duty. I am proud to have Trevor and his crew on our team and recommend them highly for any web projects you might have brewing. Trevor was also responsible for our logo updates, as well, and we know we can rely on him for superb graphic design services, no matter what the project.

Our landing page directs people to one of three web presences:

  • Content with Clarity—for our content marketing services site
  • The Awakening Author—for our book coaching and editing services site and
  • Susan Crossman, Author, for information on my books and my speaking offer

I’m not currently hosting a blog on my Susan Crossman, Author site, but the other two sites have their own blogs, which enables us to create content specific to the audience each one serves.

I’m really pleased that we can now promote the authors with whom we work by giving them each their own page on my Awakening Author website.

Great Websites Take Time and Effort!
It’s proven to be an elegant solution to a challenging problem. The website renovation was an ambitious project, however, and we didn’t realize at the outset just how much work it was going to involve. The amount of planning and the number of details that had to be looked after were astounding! But we’re thrilled with the new web presence and pleased to be finally on the verge of launching it.

It’s always a bit daunting to be looking at tearing down your existing web presence and creating something new with which to replace it. But it’s important to refresh your web presence every now and then, despite the costs involved. If you’d like to talk to a member of our team about an upcoming web project that is keeping you awake at night, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We know how frustrating these projects can be, and we’re standing by with an endless amount of patience to help you through it!

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