Content Marketing Made Easy



Why You Need It / How to Do It

By Susan Crossman


Goal of the Book:


To help people understand the wealth of possibilities waiting for them through the creation and management of their online content. This book provides tips and tricks on how to use content marketing to unlock your business potential.


Synopsis of The Write Way


Best-selling Canadian author and speaker Susan Crossman is a veteran writer and story teller who has spent decades wielding the power tool of language to the benefit of businesses and individuals in search of consistent results and greater success. Through her content marketing company, Crossman Communications, Susan and her team create high quality online content that helps businesses connect with their target audience, explain their business proposition, differentiate themselves in a competitive market and motivate their ideal customers to take action.

The best-selling┬áContent Marketing Made Easy – Why You Need It/How To Do It┬ádistills the understanding that has come from many years as an online content marketing consultant into a straightforward, easy-to-understand book designed to help businesses improve their online brand, establish thought leadership, explain their value proposition and generate leads. The book explains why content marketing is important, what it is, and how it works, and it cracks open a door to a future that is filled with possibility.

If you run a business and hope to develop online content with clarity, you need this book.




Content Marketing Made Easy is the best book I have read on this topic. There are tips and tricks throughout and the best part is at the end of each chapter is a section called “Actions You Can Take Today.” Excellent way to utilize the information your read in the chapter! If you want a book to learn about this topic, this is the book for you!

– Heather Chernofsky

Susan Crossman, marketing expert and author of several critically acclaimed books, offers clear, easy-to-follow advice to make anyone – even a complete novice – a content-marketing pro in no time… great tips and techniques to give you the edge you need.

– Michael Davie, author, Winning Ways


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