Awakening Coaching


Even though you realize that greater insights will help you generate more professional and personal results, do you find it hard to believe an outsider could ever understand your situation well enough to be able to help?


I get it!


I am a highly independent person myself and I understand how important it is for you to stand strong at the helm of your own life. I love success and I hate being told what to do. But sometimes I’m like you – I need access to another perspective, one that will help me get unstuck so I can catapult forward into the next chapter of my life.

As a certified Awakening Coach I am trained in a protocol to help you uncover your own truths so you can develop more precision, clarity, authority and delight in your world. I am a facilitator, not a guru, and I can help you move beyond the feelings of overwhelm that sometime creep up on busy people who feel stuck and don’t know why. My coaching programs are designed to help you stop spinning and start gliding into the life you want to lead — one step at a time.


You will likely find my coaching programs valuable if you are looking for:


1.   Clarity of Purpose  you know that there’s more to life, and you also know that there has to be an easier way to experience it. You are getting tired of analyzing your past.

2.   Immediate Results – you know that spontaneous awakenings happen, and you want to know how to create them deliberately.  You want to experience the shift, not just talk or read about it.

3.   A Bigger Life You feel called to something, and you may not be sure what it is….yet you are ready to explore what else might be out there for you, as long as you can do it on your own terms.

4.   Service and Contribution – You know that the “something more” that you seek includes your ability to contribute your passion for people, life and creation to others.  You want to feel a part of this awakening by contributing to it.

5.  A Renewed Sense of Joy  You’ve excelled at the serious and you think it might be time to learn how to play with life again. What if you could do that and still be successful?


Fill out my “Work with Susan” survey form to start a conversation that will lead directly to your peace of mind. It’s fast and easy and my team will get back to you within three working days to schedule a time to connect.




“Susan has an amazing ability to make you feel instantly comfortable. Not only was she instrumental in helping me move forward with my goals, Susan helped me realize why my “blockage” to moving forward was there.

After attending only two Coaching sessions I was able to focus on what was really important in my life.  I will be continuing on my journey and would not dream of moving forward without Susan’s brilliant  guidance.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

T. Grant, Business Owner


“As a writing coach and editor, I have no words.  Susan Crossman is an absolute genius.  You gave me so much clarity and direction.  I’m right back in my flow.  Thank you so much.”  

Jennifer Hough, Awakening Coach