The Awakening Author Online Group Coaching Program

Awakening Author Coaching Program

Have you been planning to write a book, but aren’t sure where to start?


Then you’re in the right place!


Becoming a published author is a dream many people share and after writing and traditionally publishing three books, I know how challenging it can be to translate the vision into reality!  The process of writing a book itself is challenging and it breaks my heart when I hear of someone who started to write their book and then let life convince them to set it aside.


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To help bring a little clarity to the process, I am sharing my insights in this FREE Q&A call with business mentor Laura Gisborne. Laura is an author herself and she is a seasoned pro at how to use a book to build a business.


In this dynamic call you’ll learn, among other powerful tidbits:


  • three “insider’s secrets” about how to plan your book-writing time so you don’t waste a minute

  •  five sure-fire ways to eliminate Writer’s Block

  • two powerful methods for creating the leverage you need to make yourself finish what you start

  • and a lot of valuable tips for navigating the confusing world of publication


Listen to the Free Q&A Call for the Awakening Author Program:


This Free Q&A Call is just the tip of the iceberg in the world of writing and becoming a successfully published author.


I’m really pleased to be able to offer a 12-week coaching program for people who want to get started: The Awakening Author Online Group Coaching Program.


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This online program is aimed at streamlining the process for people who feel they have a story only they can share.

Like many other people, my dream of becoming a published author started long ago.

There was a lot of self-doubt involved in the beginning and, truth to tell, although I’d been a writer my entire adult life, I wasn’t too sure how this book-writing business actually worked. But I had a message and a story and I kept at it.

I will be providing insights for both fiction and non-fiction projects (they’re very different) and if you feel you’ve been procrastinating long enough, then I invite you to find out more about how I might be able to kick start you into action.


Jennifer_Hough_Headshot_p_2013_Awakening“As a writing coach and editor, I have no words.  Susan Crossman is an absolute genius.  

You gave me so much clarity and direction.  I’m right back in my flow.  Thank you so much.” 

– Jennifer Hough



BarbStuhlemmer_400“I met someone at the Mississauga Board of Trade this morning that has a business TV show on CHCH and we got talking about writing a book. He likes my book and wants to interview me about it and asked if I can get a book jacket to him. If so, he will have me on.

This would not be possible at all if I had not done your program. I have my title, my book skeleton laid out, some of my content and I feel at ease talking about it – I am attracting them to me. VERY COOL!”

 – Barb Stuhlemmer, Author and Owner of Blitz Business Success



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