The Awakening Author Program

The Awakening Author Program

Have You Always Wanted to Write a Book? May I Help With That Project?


Like many other people, my dream of becoming a published author started long ago.


There was a lot of self-doubt involved in the beginning and, truth to tell, although I’d been a writer my entire adult life, I wasn’t too sure how this book-writing business actually worked. But I had a message and a story and I kept at it.

I know an awful lot of people who share that book-writing dream and now that I have a handle on how it all works, I’m really pleased to be able to offer a 12-week coaching program for people who want to get started. The Awakening Author Online Group Coaching Program is an online coaching program aimed at streamlining the writing process for people who feel they have a story only they can share.

I will be providing insights for both fiction and non-fiction projects (they’re very different) and if you feel you’ve been procrastinating long enough, then I invite you to listen to my Free Q&A Call with business mentor Laura Gisborne to find out more about how I might be able to kick start you into action.

I want to help you share your story, shift your career into overdrive and cross “Write A Book” off your bucket list.


The next session begins with the first official call on Tuesday, October 28 2014.


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